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Vape with terpenes 20% THC-P 1ml - Terpenes: AK 47

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Vape with terpenes 20% THC-P 1ml
Vape with terpenes 20% THC-P 1ml
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Premium THC-P VAPE, with high THC-P, HHC content and terpenes of your choice. More

The disposable THC-P VAPE from the renowned brand CCELL offers not only a high THC-P and HHC content, but also the irresistible taste of all-natural terpenes. This vaporizer will allow you up to 250 puffs, which means a long and satisfying vaping experience.

THC-P content: 20%
HHC content: 77%
Terpene content: 3%
Volume: 1 ml
THC content: 0%

Effects of THC-P

Due to its proximity to THC, THC-P offers very similar but more potent effects that are a great way for many people to manage stress and anxiety. This cannabinoid has the ability to calm the mind, and because of this, you can easily get rid of the unpleasant feelings and sadness that we sometimes encounter. When it comes to pain, THC-P acts as an effective remedy for muscle pain, inflammation and cramps, and it works great for chronic pain of various origins as well. In addition, it significantly improves sleep quality and helps with nausea.

Interestingly, although THC-P has similar effects to THC, its onset is slower, allowing for a smoother and prolonged experience. This gives you the opportunity to enjoy a gradual dose of relaxation and release that stays with you throughout the day. With THC-P, you can get a long-lasting experience that not only helps with physical and mental ailments, but also brings a feeling of total relaxation.


Especially for beginners! THCP (THC-P) is thought to be up to 30 times more potent than THC. While we need more research to confirm this, we recommend extra caution when first using THCP products due to the slow onset of action, which can last 1-2 hours. Be patient and avoid uncomfortable situations.

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