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Vape 10% THC-P 2ml - Terpenes: Blueberry Cheesecake

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Premium THC-P VAPE, with high THC-P and amazing taste of your choice. Preheat and 3 intensity levels for the ultimate vaping experience. More

Filling: 10% THC-P, 82% CBG, 9R content min 68,5%, 8% natural terpenes.

Volume of disPOD 2 ml

Package contents: 1x disposable vaping pen ( disposable)

Battery: 350mAh capacity, can be recharged via Micro-USB

Refill does not contain any dilution solutions like PG/VG , MCT apd.

Instructions for starting the disPOD:

5x Press the button on the disPOD to put the battery in On/Off state.

3x Press the button to change the heating (vaping) intensity. The DisPOD is manufactured with 3 heating levels - Green/Blue/Red

Green is the weakest, blue is the middle and red is the strongest. Press 3 times in succession to change the heating intensity.

Pressing the button on the battery 2 times is to preheat the disPOD. In cold conditions, it will heat the disPOD to operating temperature for perfect vaping. During preheating, the green-blue and red colors indicate until the disPOD is warm.

It is advisable to preheat the THCP-filled disPOD before each use. Press the switch button 2 times according to the instructions above. This will prevent overfilling of the atomizer on the disPOD. If the atomizer overflows, the disPOD will be irreversibly disabled within a few attempts to start. The cartridge has a huge viscosity and needs a short preheat to function properly.

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