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HHC Vape - Mango 96% HHC 1 ml

HHC Vape - Mango 96% HHC 1 ml
HHC Vape - Mango 96% HHC 1 ml

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HHC Vape - Mango 1 ml is a high-quality Cilicon vaporizer pen, filled with the highest quality distillates from the USA. This disposable vaporizer combines top terpenes with premium HHC. It induces a fresh feeling of well-being, relaxing and at the same time energetic. More

HHC Vape - Mango 1 ml is an ideal choice for solving acute conditions, but also for relaxation and rest.

Quality and design in one

This vaporizer combines a beautiful design with a very pleasant mango taste. It contains the highest quality distillate from the USA and premium terpenes.

  • CILICON ELEV AIR1 (1 ml), rechargeable
  • Approximately 300 swipes
  • Volume of suppository 1 ml
  • HHC distillate up to 96% HHC
  • Aroma Mango
  • It does not contain any diluents such as PG, VG, etc.

Made in the Czech Republic.

Note: Product in accordance with §167/1998. No sales to under 18s. Keep out of reach of children.

Volume 1 ml
HHC content 96%