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CBD Vape - Mango 1 ml

CBD Vape - Mango 1 ml
CBD Vape - Mango 1 ml

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CBD Vape - Mango 1 ml is a high quality vaporizing device, filled with the highest quality distillates from the USA. This product combines great Czech aromas with premium CBD extract. Ideal for CBD users and also for athletes. More

CBD Vape - Mango 1 ml is the ideal choice for those who do not want to wait and want to feel the effects of CBD immediately. Suitable for solving acute conditions, but also for relaxation and rest.

Also suitable for athletes

This CBD disposable pen is also recommended for athletes. After a few puffs you immediately feel strong muscle relief, similar to taking CBD drops, but the onset is much faster and more intense. It does not have the depressant effects of some other CBD products. It's rather lightly encouraging.

Quality and design in one

This tube combines a beautiful design with a very pleasant taste of mango. Filled with the highest quality distillate from the USA and great Czech aroma.

  • CILICON ELEV AIR1 (1 ml), rechargeable
  • Approximately 300 swipes
  • Volume of suppository 1 ml
  • Broad spectrum hemp distillate up to 73% CBD
  • Aroma of Mango
  • It does not contain any diluents such as PG, VG, etc.

Made in the Czech Republic.

Note: Product in accordance with §167/1998. No sales to under 18s. Keep out of reach of children.