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Battery for vape set

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Battery for vape set
Battery for vape set

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Battery + charger for all our vaping kits. Thread 510. More

Battery: 230 mAH - 2,6/3,3/4,0V + USB charger

Instructions for use:

Starting the device (on/off ) - 5 times pressing the switch on the flashlight

Temperature change - press 3 times , then adjust the intensity by pressing the switch

According to the colour resolution:

GREEN - low

BLUE - medium

RED - high

Preheating - press the switch twice

In cold conditions, it heats the cartridge to operating temperature for perfect evaporation. Indicates green-blue and red during warm-up until the cartridge is warm.

When inhaling, hold the switch and inhale calmly without interruption. The maximum breathing time is 10s before the battery itself stops powering the cartridge. The DiamondPen can be used in 3 temperature modes. With higher temperature the amount of evaporated liquid increases and thus the intensity of the effect.